3 Months to Go…….Himalayan trip

Well it’s 3 months to the day that I will finally be off on my next trip! I initially booked the first part of this trip nearly 13 months ago and back then it seemed so far away! I can’t believe actually how quick time has passed. I still have some planning to do but the basic itinerary is coming together. For me the planning really is part of the fun and I am enjoying scrolling through websites, Twitter and Facebook, and fellow travellers blogs looking for advice. My basic Itinerary is shaping up like this * 29th of August fly to Kathmandu and eventually on to Lhasa * Cycle through Tibet via Everest Base camp and back to Kathmandu (Exodus Trip) 20130401-214544.jpg * 21st September leave Kathmandu for Delhi * 2 weeks travelling around North West India with highlights Including Taj Mahal at Agra, Dharamsala and the toy train to Shimla *6th October arrive in Rishikesh to start my 6 weeks yoga teacher training certificate 20130401-214624.jpg *Finish off the trip with 2 weeks to visit Mumbai and then laze about on a Goan beach…..or two…? Hopefully I’ve got the balance right between culture, spirituality, fitness, nature and fun!! If anybody has anymore advice then I’d be really grateful for your comments. Counting the days……… 20130529-213910.jpg


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