My First Road Trip – USA Summer 1998

Since I was a little a girl I always wanted to visit America. The land of the movies! As a little girl I never got the chance but in the summer of 1998, before my last year at university, I finally fulfilled that dream! I went to work at a summer camp in Pennsylvania, and after, embarked on a road trip that would see me travel from New York to San Francisco and back – all on a greyhound bus! It’s well seen I was only 21! (Only the back of a 21 year old can survive 60 hours straight on a greyhound bus)!

It was my first real taste of travel. My first time outside of Europe, and the first time I experienced that feeling that only travel can bring. The feeling of total independence, that anything could happen, excitement tinged with fear. I knew I was hooked from that moment on. This is where my taste for Wanderlust began………….

Starting in New York (the Twin Towers still visible) The Journey began…

Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco with Alcatraz in the background. We had already travelled the breadth of the country…

Sausalito at the other side of The Golden Gate Bridge. A Beautiful town that felt more European than American. We had walked all the way there from Fisherman’s Wharf so were quite knackered by the time we got there…


Hollywood Boulevard – Finally in the Land of the Movies!  I actualy didn’t like it even near as much as San Francisco or New York…

Vegas Baby!!!! What can I say? We were up all night and had to board the Greyhound bus back to SF without any sleep! What happens in Vegas…

My first view of the Grand Canyon. Our guide lead us to the edge individually with our eyes closed. When I opened my eyes it took my breath away…

Sunset at the rim of the Grand Canyon. An experience I’ll never forget!

It’s almost 15 years since that trip now but I cherish these photos and the memories they gave me. As the saying goes “Collect Memories – Not Possesions”



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