Australia photo Essay 2003……….How times have changed?

In 2003 I embarked on a RTW trip that included an extended stay in Australia on a working holiday visa. I’m sure digital cameras were around but I certainly didn’t have one. (Never mind a smartphone)???

It’s interesting to think about how technology and “gadgets” have changed the way we travel. My trip in September will be my first extended trip since the advancement of all this technology and I’m looking forward to not lugging around a load of guidebooks for different countries, Reading Books and CD’s with a CD player! How life has changed?

I have spent the better part of a day going through old photos and scanning them to upload them to digital files. It’s really been a lot of fun – remembering the stories behind each picture. They have actually turned out pretty well! Here is a selection of the best which tell the story of my trip! You can also view these photos (and more) touched up a bit with Instagram @katiewanderlust77!

20130616-212140.jpg This is sunset at Kakadu National Park in the Northern territory. This is the exact photo as it scanned with no filter or touching up. AMAZING!!

20130616-212616.jpg This is another untouched photo of Kakadu. It’s apparently where the scene at the end of Crocodile Dundee 2 was filmed when you think Paul Hogan has fallen over the cliff!

20130616-214405.jpgThis is Mindil Beach Sunset in Darwin. There is a large market behind the beach selling clothes, crafts and food but it empties just before sunset as everybody heads down to the beach to watch the sun go down. Possibly one of the Best Sunsets in the World?

20130616-215531.jpg It was difficult to decide which photo of Uluru ( Ayres Rock) to include! The colours change depending on the time of day and they all look amazing!

20130616-215929.jpg This was taken in Cooper Pedy where it gets so hot in summer a lot of people live underground to escape the heat! Another amazing Australian Sunset!

20130616-215831.jpg Cooper Pedy is an opal mining town and this was taken just outside. I just love the colours in this photo. Apparently a lot of the new Star Wars Films were filmed around this area?

20130616-220356.jpgThe 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. The light was beautiful!

20130616-220510.jpg Wine tasting in the Barossa Valley. 16792km from Glasgow. Lol!

20130616-220904.jpg Byron Bay at Australia’s most Easternly point.

20130616-221035.jpg And lastly me working in the snowfields at Perisher Blue. More “fields” than “mountains” when you are used to the French Alps but snow none the less and I loved every minute! Best Job in the World!

It’s hard to believe that these were all taken a decade ago? I have to say that the years have done nothing to tame my desire to travel and I don’t feel much different to that 25 year old!

“Collect Memories Not Posessions”

And that’s what I intend to do………………..!


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