Memories of my last Round the World Trip…….

So I have been playing around again with all my old photos from past trips. Uploading the original film photos onto computer and digitising them. I love a bit of “armchair travelling”! Looking back at some of the places I’ve already been is actually really inspiring and I can’t wait to add to the list! In 2002 I headed out to Australia on a working holiday visa but with a round the world ticket to explore a bit of South East Asia on the way back home. I also managed to squeeze in a stop on Raratonga in the Cook Islands on the way out!

Here are some of the highlights of this trip! This time I have played about with them a bit on Snapseed, a great free photo editing ap. I am pretty pleased with the results given the quality of the original photos!

As a stop off going out to Australia we visited the Cook Islands. We stayed at Muri Lagoon on Raratonga. A pretty magical place! I’d never been anywhere this exotic or exciting before and it didn’t disappoint! When I look back I kinda have to pinch myself to remind me it happened. The only downside was I was suffering terribly with Jet Lag having lost an entire day somewhere over the South Pacific and I also stupidly got sunburnt on the first day (that’ll be my Scottish skin)! I had a scabby nose that took weeks to heal! Otherwise it was unforgettable for all the right reasons! Best snorkelling ever!!!!

20130623-161104.jpgParadise on Earth……………. It felt pretty close to me!

20130623-161249.jpgBorocay Island from our tiny 12 seater plane.

Our first stop after Australia was the Phillipenes. I didn’t know much about there beforehand and we only really picked it because it seemed like a handy stop before Thailand? After arriving in Manila (slightly overwhelming and scary) we quickly departed for the Island of Borocay. I didn’t think anything could impress more than Raratonga but yet again I was blown away! Getting there was a bit of a mission but it was well worth it! It was also pretty quiet as it was monsoon season so we kinda had the place to ourselves. I believe that nowadays it’s a bit busier and more touristy but back in 2003 it really felt like another world!
20130623-162142.jpgWhite Beach Borocay all to myself.

20130623-162804.jpgThese boys were pretty happy to pose for us although they were a bit disappointed we didn’t tip them afterwards! Lol

After a pretty “interesting” ferry ride back to Manila we headed North to the city of Baguio and then on to Sagada and Banaue to view the rice Terraces. My major regret is doing everything so fast and not being able to spend a bit more time in each place! I would love to go back.



Next stop on the trip was Thailand. We arrived in Bangkok and stayed on the Khao San Road. Despite it’s reputation I loved it! I definitely preferred Bangkok to Manila.

20130623-170446.jpgThis was taken at The Grand Palace in Bangkok. The main thing I remember about this day was sucking on ice lolly’s due to haven gotten my tongue pierced the night before! And YES Alcohol was involved…..?!

20130623-164119.jpgMoving North to Kanchanaburi – This photo was taken from “The bridge over the river Kwai” looking down the river. Great timing with the rainbow in the background after a storm.

20130623-171026.jpgLast stop in Thailand was Koh Samui. Another interesting boat ride to get there and then pretty much a week lying on a beach as we were knackered. I think this photo captures the atmosphere of the beach at night pretty well!

And lastly……

20130623-171601.jpgCity life before returning home. But which city….? I’ll be totally honest and admit I can’t remember if this is Singapore or Hong Kong? Answers on a post card?


3 responses to “Memories of my last Round the World Trip…….

  1. Wow – you saw some pretty amazing places. How long did you travel last time? Where all will you go after your yoga retreat in Rishikesh? I’m excited for your next trip!

    • Aw Thanks! I’ve done a round the world including a working holiday in OZ and travelling in SE Asia. It was a while ago so excited to get back out there. 3 months in total and after my yoga course I am going to Mumbai and Goa to chill on a beach! Lol 🙂 looking forward to hearing more stories from your blog too! X

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