My Inspiration behind travelling to India and the Himalayas

India was not always at the top of my travel bucket list until a few years back. In the December of 2010 I had just moved back to Scotland after years spent living in London and the French Alps. It’s fair to say that this was a time in my life when I was going through many changes. I had only been home a month and was working part time trying to establish myself professionally and settle back in to a life I hadn’t lived in a while! I had some time on my hands and was doing a lot of daydreaming! Anyway, I happened to stumble across this beautiful documentary “Indian Hill Railways” on the BBC one morning. It is actually a 3 part series focusing on 3 different train lines that travel to Indian Hill Stations. The one I stumbled on was the “toy train” from Kalka to Shimla. Now let me say, I am not at all a trainspotter, but this program absolutely charmed me! It talks not just about the train journey but the lives of the people associated with it’s running. I found the scenery and the narration quite captivating and decided right there and then that this was a journey I was going to make one day!

20130713-182839.jpg(Available to buy on Amazon)

It would have been great to go right then and there but my financial circumstances meant that my feet were to be stuck firmly in reality for quite some time. But I didn’t forget and I didn’t give up! And now here I am less than two months away from realising my dream. In fact the dream got a bit bigger (as it always does with trip planning – “maybe I could just try and add…….”) but it has been built up around this desire to take this little “toy train”!

I hope I am not disappointed? I am sure I will not be!

Have you been inspired by a program, film or book? I’d love to hear about the stories that inspire you to travel! πŸ™‚


9 responses to “My Inspiration behind travelling to India and the Himalayas

  1. Absolutely loving your blog katie. I’m also planning on travelling to India in October when I have two weeks of annual leave. It has never really been on my travel radar as I travelled around Sri Lanka for a month and thought it would be similar.

    Then I was watching one of Rick Stein’s food programs on BBC iplayer and it just looked amazing. The different regions are so diverse with tea growing, beaches, busy city slums, ornate palaces and even a French town where everyone speaks French and there are amazing boulangeries!

    Cannot wait to book my flights and looking forward to reading about your trip.

    • Thank you so much. I have been watching Rick Stein too and found it really inspiring! The only problem with India is it’s so vast it’s going to take a few trips I think! I’d love to visit the tea plantations of Darjeeling and Assam, and also south to Kerala but that might have to wait until another time? I look forward to hearing where you decide to go! πŸ™‚

  2. Katie this is a wonderful inspiration. I am dying to go to New Zealand and I think it is not very original but it’s because of The Lord or The Rings. I hope I will be able to go… One day…

  3. I’d love to travel through Canada and I think my desire to go to Canada grew when I watched Into the wild. And Laura and Katie you definitely have to go to NZ one day, it’s so beautiful, you cannot stop being amazed there. The mountains, the ocean, the wildlife, the sporting activities, there is no end of what you can do and experience there. One of my favourite countries in the world!

  4. Hello Katie,

    Its wonderful to know you’re making a trip to India.
    Its such a beautiful country, I’m dead certain you will love it.
    I am Indian and I live in New Delhi; if you want any suggestions, or any help at all, please shout out.
    Also, my husband manages a travel company which specializes in helping travelers find unique things to do when traveling in India. You could check out his prototype website: or you can write directly to him:

    I look forward to following your journey…


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