Guest Post: Saftey Advice for Travellers – by KC Owens



Preventing Trouble During Travel

Traversing the globe is a fulfilling and enriching activity that you’ll always remember and it’s something everyone should do during his or her lifetime. Though planning is always a great idea, you should never expect travel to go according to your plan. Anything can happen suddenly and turn your dream trip into a quick nightmare. If you plan to travel in the future, it’s good to understand that unfortunate circumstances are always a risk. You should take care to safeguard yourself, your money and your belongings against disaster before embarking on your adventure.

Consider Using Credit

In this case, plastic is definitely better than paper. According to Credit Card Insider, it’s harder for someone to steal your money if it’s in the form of a credit card because you can always cancel your card. However, a person with your credit card can still do serious damage to your finances. To avoid this risk, consider using prepaid credit cards instead. They’re very safe if you’re charging them through a secure Internet connection and they don’t bear your name anywhere on them. Like with most other credit cards, they can be secured to prevent a thief from spending. Furthermore, because you can only spend what you put on them, the rest of your money stays safe in your bank account. Anyone can get prepaid cards and they’re unsurpassed in their ease of use, which is why I carry one in my pocket when I travel. After finding a hole in my pocket and not finding my cash, I was stranded in London without anything but the card in my wallet. If I didn’t have some plastic in my wallet I would still be sitting there by the London Eye.

Secure Your Passport

Pickpocketing is a common crime in many areas of the world. Thieves prowl crowded areas like transit centers, markets and festivals and carefully take things from people’s bags and pockets. Make sure your bags are never left open and keep them where you can see them. Check them periodically to make sure nothing’s missing. Passports from the US are in particularly high demand in other nations; so if you carry one, keep it safe at all costs. If it’s lost or stolen, head to the nearest embassy and they will get you on your way back home. As a preventative, keep your important things in a money belt. These are inconspicuous and impossible for pickpockets to access since they are kept under your clothes. Also, keep a copy of your passport in a watertight container on your person at all times. I was in Ireland once and the sky opened up. We were soaked and luckily, I had all my important information sealed in a bag.

Avoiding Muggings

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens, but it is largely preventable. Travel in packs so you won’t be seen as convenient a target. Keep expensive items out of sight since flaunting your wealth is like painting a giant bull’s-eye on yourself. Last but not least, don’t overdo it at the pub. It’s always fun to immerse yourself in another culture and pubs are a great way to mix it up with local people but if you go overboard, you’re also putting yourself at risk. Keep your wits about you, be prepared and take precautions while traveling; you’ll be glad you did.

KC Owens has written and submitted this article. KC is a college student who loves traveling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.


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