The Blogs that have Inspired me…!

So I was incredibly flattered this week when one of my readers nominated me for a ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’!  A BIG Thank You to Cadi at  Thanks for reading and I love hearing about your travels in Uganda!  Although I wish I was still in my twenties! lol 🙂  As I’m quite new to this I have to say it was a surprise but it has definitely left me feeling more inspired to continue to make this blog the best it can be by sharing my experiences and connecting with others! Luckily I’ll have lots of new stuff to write about shortly as my trip is less than two weeks away! (Yay!) The idea of this award is basically to pass it on and it seems like a great way to connect with other bloggers and introduce my readers to the people who inspire me!


So to accept the award I need to a) drop Cadi’s page in my post (see above). b) post the award image. (see above). c) share 7 random facts about myself and d) nominate 15 other blogs and let them know about it.


So here goes……….. 7 Random Facts!

* I ran with the Olympic torch in Spain for the Barcelona Games when I was 14!

* I love tattoos and piercings!

* I was 34 before I passed my driving test (1st time BTW – just never got round to it sooner)!

* I can’t sing! (LIKE at all?)

* But I do love to Dance! (Jury is out as to wither I’m any good?)

* I love vintage and retro furniture!

* I make a mean wild mushroom risotto!


And so to those who inspire me! I’ve nominated these people as they are all blogs that I read regularly and genuinely love!  Some of them are very well established (and not really in need of any recognition from a newbie blogger like me) and others are much like me. I hope they will appreciate, as I have, the recognition that there are people out there who do read their blogs and look forward to finding out what they are up to?  The one thing they have in common is that I have found them genuinely inspiring in all sorts of ways!   As a blogger I admire them for their writing, great photography and also how stylish they all look.  As a traveller they show me a world that I am itching to explore and reignite my memories of places that I have visited in the past.  They inspire me to live the life I love – AND DREAM BIG!  – A great looking blog from a student who has big travels ahead of her! – A great blog to follow if you’re thinking of doing a working holiday in OZ!  This girl just reminds me of me! – A photography blog with great pictures of their RTW trip! – As it sounds.  Great advice from someone who sounds like they are having a lot of fun! – I am totally jealous of this guys bucket list! Getting the work life balance right! – Anita has been everywhere! I hope I get to visit half as much as she has! – A great blog with some very thought provoking posts and comments! – A gorgeous blog with both great writing and photography.  Truely Inspiring! – Another girl after my own heart! Living a fab life with great health and fitness tips! – Great advice for anybody looking to teach and travel the world! – Recently voted India’s number 1 travel blogger! And for good reason….! – Inspiring us all to travel with a conscious! – From Ski seasons to Summer Camp in the USA.  We have lots in common and I love hearing about her travels! – An extensive destinations list that I am super jealous of! – Surfng her way around the world!


So there it is!  As I write it I realise that it’s heavily influenced by other solo female travellers!  (Boys I promise it wasn’t deliberate)?  Please take a look and I hope you can find the same inspiration that I have!


PS. As a total aside can I beg a little and ask for some of you to like my new Facebook page!  It’s a bit sparce at the moment but I will be posting while I am away next month in Nepal, Tibet and India (did I mention it’s only 11 days to go! 🙂 lol) Thank you lots lovely people! xXx




5 responses to “The Blogs that have Inspired me…!

  1. Whoa, I’m flattered to have made the list, Katie! Thanks so much for including me, and I’m so happy to hear I’ve inspired you via my blog. I’ll definitely participate in this adventure. Good luck on your upcoming trip – I’m envious of Nepal and Tibet! That will be amazing.

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me! I am honored! I just subscribed to you via twitter and liked your FB page so I can keep up to date on all your posts! Oh…and you are going to Nepal and Tibet! Wow!!! Are you hiking there? I love Nepal and haven’t yet made it to Tibet but hope to someday soon!

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